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Become a Partner2018-11-18T12:45:52+01:00

The foundation of style!

Your creative designs and our online platform and network combined, result in quality without compromises and thus, in customer satisfaction worldwide.

Become a Partner

Join our growing community and become a partner now. Together we inject personality and comfort into people’s homes.

Create your free account, upload your first design and make it available for our clients worldwide.

Get a notification if a client is interested in buying one of your designs and use our platform to define the purchase and sale agreement.

Recieve your money after the order is completed.

Become a Partner
How can I create an account?2018-11-18T13:37:30+01:00

This is very simple. You only need to press the “Become a Partner” button, enter your E-Mail-address, followed by choosing a username and a password. You will then receive a mail to activate your account to avoid potential fraud. Afterwards, you can complete your very own profile.

What can I sell?2018-11-11T07:13:52+01:00

For now we are concentrating on carpet designs for interior decorations. But we are planning to broaden our portfolio soon by adding textile design, too.

How much money can I earn?2018-11-11T07:14:35+01:00

This is up to you. The more designs you create and add to your account, the more money you can earn.

What does it cost?2018-11-18T13:40:13+01:00

It is completely free to join our community of independent artists. You do not have to pay any subscription or fees to upload your designs and keep 60% of each transaction made.

How much time do I need to invest?2018-11-11T07:16:39+01:00

That highly depends on what you are aiming at. The more designs you create and share, the more money you will earn. Naurally, in the beginning, you need to spend some time and effort to get to know the marketplace, trends and desires.

How do I define my designs‘ prices?2018-11-11T07:17:37+01:00

Within the given price range of 100-500 €, you yourself define the pricing.

How do I get paid?2018-11-11T07:18:46+01:00

If a client decides to purchase one of your designs, the money is being transferred to your account immediately.

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